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Front Entry Doors: Fiberglass vs. Steel

Front entry doors are the protective barrier between you and the outside world. Choosing a product that provides security, energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal is ideal, but what’s best for you: fiberglass vs. steel?

Fiberglass & Steel Front Doors- What’s Best for You?


Come in many styles, colors and grains
Wood finish has a true resemblance to grain
Can be customized to fit your style

Available in fewer styles and options
Can be painted to match your home
Provides a smooth, unique entry for many homes
Available in wood finish, but less authentic look than fiberglass


Both types of doors are custom measured and ordered to fit the proper size.
Involves measuring the door frame, adding the hinges and placing the door into the frame
Professionals who work with exterior doors must add additional shims to the sides of the doorway

Door must be cut to the specifications of the doorway measurements
Anchors and wall frames are required for the best fit
Drywall may be needed around the frame


Easy to manipulate, making it a less secure option

Steel front entry doors are made of a thicker, more protective material
Difficult to break into due to strong hold in the frame of the house

Energy Efficiency

Both fiberglass and steel front doors are more energy efficient than wooden doors, however, fiberglass’s lifespan and ability to handle weather make them a better choice in this case. They expand and contract with the temperatures without releasing controlled climate out of the home.


Vulnerable to dents and dings
Lightweight material makes it easier to bend and break through, and potentially crack.
Doesn’t rust overtime, making it a longer-lasting option for exterior doors

Likely to scratch and dent because of the thinner outer layer
Damage won’t penetrate the inside of the door, making it a sturdy choice


Can be wiped down, painted and repainted as needed
Can be oiled and sprayed with a pressure washer (on a low setting) for cleaning

Does not require regular cleaning
Must be well oiled to maintain appearance
Shouldn’t be hosed down often because it can rust

Ultimately it’s up to you and your needs when it comes to fiberglass vs. steel. Either way, you’ll have front entry doors that are safer and more durable than many other selections.